Lunarspace Monthly Recap: May 2024 — Milestones and Momentum

Recapping Outbid, launching LSE tokens, solidifying partnerships, and what to look forward to in June.

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4 min readJun 1, 2024

May has been a transformative month for us at Lunarspace. From establishing key partnerships throughout the Interchain to launching the Effector (LSE) token — raising an impressive $100,000 on Outbid, we’ve made significant strides toward our overall vision. Let’s recap the highlights of this epic month and look ahead to what’s coming in June.

LSE Token Launch: A Successful Fundraiser

On May 15th, we launched the Effector (LSE) token on Outbid, marking a significant milestone for us, our partners and our shared communities. The campaign was a success, raising $100,000 in two full rounds, propelling the development of our token economy and accelerating the launch countdown for the Zones Ecosystem.

After one week in an AXV/LSE pool, Effector (LSE) tokens are a sleeping giant, but in the coming months, more smart contracts will be built and integrated into dZones, greatly enhancing token utility and DeFi strategies, increasing market demand for LSE tokens.

To ensure the Effector Protocol’s utility, compliance, and effectiveness, we’ve committed to onboarding a variety of industry experts to advise us on a strategic tokenomics revision for LSE and the Effector Protocol. This revision is necessary due to the amount of LSE tokens that went unsold during the Outbid campaign. Stay tuned for more details regarding this revision.

Building the Foundation for dZones

As we move into June, several exciting developments will lay the groundwork for the official launch of dZones at the end of July. Here’s what we are focusing on this month:

1. Rewards Contract: To manage and distribute rewards within the Zones Ecosystem, incentivizing user engagement and participation.

2. Staking Contract: To enable staking of LSE tokens, allowing users to earn rewards and contribute to the network’s security.

3. Staking Dashboard: To provide a user-friendly interface for tracking staking activities and earnings.

4. Governance Dashboard: Specifically for the Effector DAO, this dashboard will facilitate decentralized governance, allowing LSE holders to submit and vote on proposals.

June 1 | | Patrick Fairon — CEO of Lunarspace, Inc.

Upcoming Launch of dZones

Upon launch, dZones will feature:

  • Custom DAOs: Built on Coreum and powered by LSX tokens, these DAOs enable communities to create dynamic governance strategies for their teams and communities, all within their Zone.
  • dZones Dashboard: Providing comprehensive analytics for LSE, LSX, and cross-chain asset activities in Zones and throughout the Interchain.
  • Jackal Storage Outposts: Activate Jackal Outposts — secure, decentralized storage solutions integrated into dZones.
  • LSE Token Utility: Extensive token utility and functionalities to stake LSE, boost LSE pool liquidity, claim monthly RevShare allocations, enhance LSX rewards, and participate in different variations of governance throughout the Zones Ecosystem.

Strengthening Our Blockchain Ecosystem

Astrovault DEX

We’re excited to align our token strategies with Astrovault. This collaboration is crucial for enhancing liquidity and implementing sustainable DeFi strategies within the Zones Ecosystem and beyond.

This economically-driven strategic alignment ensures our token holders have access to the meticulously crafted concentrated liquidity pools in Astrovault DEX.

Archway Alliance

Building key aspects of our foundation with Archway is another cornerstone of our growth and solutions strategies. Archway provides the key foundational dApp-chain infrastructure for dZones to operate and grow as intended, allowing us to offer access to a wide spectrum of interchain utilities.

This partnership accelerates our mission to make blockchain utility more accessible for web2 developers and blockchain-novice professionals.

Jackal Protocol Integration

Integrating Jackal Protocol’s decentralized storage solutions into dZones is a game-changer for the entire Zones Ecosystem. Jackal enhances our solutions for data integrity and privacy features, providing secure, immutable storage solutions that are particularly beneficial for sectors handling sensitive information, such as healthcare, legal, and financial services.

Jackal Outposts can be activated in your dZones Dashboard for single-use but it can also be activated by a Zone or Custom DAO to enable team and community use, creating incentives for community growth and active engagement in the Zone.

Next Partnership in the Pipeline

Looking ahead, we are excited about establishing an essential partnership with Euclid Protocol. Founded by the chief engineer behind Lunarspace’s web3 tech stack and architecture — Georges Chouchani, Euclid is set to revolutionize decentralized liquidity and pave the way for efficient and user-optimized multi-chain DeFi applications across for Zones and LSE holders.

A unified layer of decentralized liquidity, enabling blockchain consensus to form throughout the Interchain and beyond, isn’t just a distant vision but a tangible reality. By integrating with Euclid Protocol, the Zones Ecosystem will enable seamless transactions across IBC networks and beyond, significantly enhancing the utility and liquidity of LSX and LSE tokens. Learn more about Euclid Protocol.

The Journey Continues: What’s Next for Lunarspace?

May has set the stage for an exciting future, and our work is far from finished. We’re committed to driving more innovations and expanding our ecosystem. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments in the coming months. Together, we’re building a future where blockchain utility can seamlessly mix with everyday business technologies.

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