Countdown to Launch — 2024 Roadmap for Effector (LSE) & dZones

Recapping Lunarspace’s successful raise of LSE on Outbid — leading into Q2 and Q3 development and launch of LSE tokens, the Effector Protocol and dZones.

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5 min readMay 21, 2024

Lunarspace is thrilled to announce the successful raise of our Effector ($LSE) tokens on Outbid, marking a significant milestone for the team and community.

This raise paves the way for exciting developments in Q2 and Q3 of 2024, focusing on the launch of LSE, the deployment of dZones, and the continuous expansion of the Zones Ecosystem.

Recap: $LSE Token Launch on Outbid

Thanks to our strong partnerships and fervent community, our LSE token raise on Outbid was a remarkable success. Here are the key highlights:

  • Total Raised: The campaign raised a substantial amount that enables Lunarspace to wrap-up development of our token economy and accelerate Zones to launch, demonstrating strong community support and a shared confidence in our vision.
  • Token Circulation: Out of the total 100,000,000 LSE supply, 13,024,692.2 LSE tokens will be allocated to participants of the campaign.
  • Vesting Period: Tokens allocated from Round 1 will have a one-month vesting period, while tokens allocated from Round 2 will have no vesting period.
  • Assessment & Revisions: LSE’s tokenomics structure is being mildly re-assessed based on the results of the campaign. to ensure protocol safety and proper allocation of the remaining tokens that were not allocated as a result of the campaign.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the sale, believing in our vision, and making our TGE fun! You still might see Round 3 in the near future.

Q3 & Q4 Roadmap

Lunarspace has work to do over quarter three and quarter four of 2024. This successful raise has enabled the team to aggressively enact the final phases of our blockchain utility development plan and accelerate the Zones Ecosystem to launch.

The rest of the article provides an outline detailing our build plan — with an immediate focus on strengthening the token utility of LSE and deploying dZones, leading to a focus on integrating the Effector Protocol and other blockchain utility throughout the Zones Ecosystem using dZones.

Q2 2024: Launch and Core Development

The second quarter of 2024 is set to be a transformative period for Lunarspace as we focus on launching $LSE on the Archway mainnet and developing essential smart contracts.

These foundational steps will set the stage for the broader deployment of dZones, enhancing the functionality and accessibility of our ecosystem.

$LSE Launch and Smart Contract Deployment

$LSE tokens will be launched on the Archway mainnet.

Key Smart Contracts

  • LSE Vault Contract: Manages storage and staking of $LSE tokens.
  • LSE Exchange Contract: Facilitates the exchange of $LSE for other cryptocurrencies.
  • dZones Factory Contract: Automates the creation and deployment of dZones.
  • Governance Contract: Manages proposal submissions and voting for decentralized governance.
  • Revenue Sharing Contract: Distributes collected fees and revenues to stakeholders.
  • Merkle Airdrop Contract: Efficient distribution of $LSE tokens for promotional events.

dZones Launch — Key Features

  • Custom DAOs: Customize your own community governance mechanisms and entice new members with exclusive access to your Zone’s activated blockchain utilities.
  • Validator Dashboards: Aggregated validator and relayer dashboards for comprehensive analytics regarding your personal IBC-enbaled token utility.
  • Decentralized Storage: Powered by Jackal, dZone’s utilize decentralized storage ‘Outposts’ to provide secure data handling and file-sharing.
  • LSE Token Utility: Put your LSE tokens to use by staking or participating in ecosystem-wide community governance that pertains to the Effector Protocol. Stay tuned for more info regarding immediate use-case for LSE tokens upon allocation!

UX/UI Updates

  • User Experience: Comprehensive updates to ensure a seamless and intuitive interface for all users.
  • Custom DAOs, PaaS, and Validator Dashboards: Finalizing the development and integration of these key features to enhance dZones functionality.

With the essential smart contracts and critical dZones features set to launch, Q2 will establish the necessary groundwork for the advanced developments planned for the following quarter.

These initiatives will significantly enhance the user experience and operational efficiency of the Zones Ecosystem, setting a robust foundation for future growth.

Q3 2024: Effector Protocol & dZones Integrations

Building on the momentum from quarter two, the third quarter of 2024 will focus on developing and deploying the Effector Protocol smart contracts that will bring advanced functionalities to the Zones Ecosystem.

These contracts are crucial for integrating complex features and ensuring the seamless operation of dZones.

Effector Protocol: LSX-LSE Smart Contracts

  • LSX-LSE Bridge Contract: Facilitates seamless token transfers between LSX and LSE.
  • Enhanced LSE Minting Contract: Aligns LSE issuance with Zone activities.
  • LSX-LSE Conversion Contract: Enables direct conversion mechanisms between LSX and LSE.
  • LSX-LSE Rewards Enhancement Contract: Augments reward mechanisms within LSX-powered Zones.

Astrovault DEX Integration

  • Liquidity Pools: Integrating LSE with Astrovault DEX to enhance liquidity and provide more trading options for users.
  • DeFi Strategies: Developing DeFi strategies that leverage Astrovault’s capabilities to optimize returns for LSE holders.
  • Integration with dZones: Our goal is to utilize Astrovault DEX as the primary DeFi mechanism for LSE token holders to utilize the LSE tokens throughout the Interchain, directly from Zones.

Archway DevZones Development

  • Developer Tools: Creating DevZones to support Web2 developers in transitioning to Web3, offering comprehensive project and team management tools that help with building with Archway’s SDK.
  • Education and Resources: Integrated resources for support to assist developers as they build and deploy dApp-chain utilities on Archway.

Q3 will be pivotal in refining and expanding the capabilities of the Zones Ecosystem. By focusing on advanced smart contracts, integrating Astrovault DEX, and developing Archway DevZones, we aim to provide a seamless and enriched experience for all users.

This period will be marked by significant strides towards integrating sophisticated blockchain functionalities and ensuring the robustness and scalability of our solutions.


As we progress through Q2 and push towards Q3 of 2024, our focus remains on delivering robust, user-friendly blockchain solutions that drive value for our community and partners. The successful launch of LSE is just the beginning.

With the upcoming launch of dZones and continuous enhancements to our ecosystem, we’re primed to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals interact with blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and expand the Zones Ecosystem.

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