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6 min readMay 3, 2024

Helping Decentralized Business Scale

Lunarspace is redefining the way everyday business platforms work, blending familiar management tools and enterprise solutions with innovative blockchain technology.

Our mission is to empower businesses across all industries with innovative Web 2.5 solutions, transforming traditional ERP and CRM technologies into dynamic, scalable, and efficient digital workspaces. As we usher in a new era of operational efficiency, Lunarspace is poised to bridge the gap between conventional digital workspace platforms and decentralized business utilities.

Empowering Enterprises and SMEs

Lunarspace excels in enhancing operational efficiency for enterprises and SMEs alike. Our solutions, powered by Infor technology, integrate seamlessly not only with each other but also with existing third-party applications like Office 365, providing a cohesive and versatile operational environment.

Our clients, including law firms, financial agencies, sales agencies, and healthcare providers, benefit from tailored ERP and CRM systems that are not just solutions but strategic assets primed for everyday professional use.

Addressing Traditional Workspace Challenges with Blockchain

Traditional digital workspaces, dominated by platforms like NetSuite, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365, often fall short in flexibility, cost-efficiency, and user engagement. Businesses struggle with high costs, complex interfaces, and poor scalability, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of user-driven innovation. Lunarspace tackles these pain points head-on by offering a dynamic suite of solutions that enable the following:

  1. Reduced Costs and Enhanced Efficiency: Our blockchain-enhanced tools streamline operations, reduce reliance on costly external systems, and introduce automated processes that cut operational costs significantly.
  2. Advanced Security Measures: Incorporating blockchain’s inherent security features, Lunarspace offers superior data protection and compliance capabilities, essential for industries such as finance and healthcare.
  3. User Engagement and Incentivization: By integrating token-based incentives and gamification, Lunarspace transforms mundane tasks into rewarding challenges, significantly boosting user satisfaction and productivity.

Distinct Competitive Edge

Lunarspace transforms these challenges into opportunities with our ERP and CRM solutions, powered by Infor technology and enhanced with blockchain features. Our approach distinctly sets us apart in both the web2 and web3 landscapes:

  • In Web2: Lunarspace offers superior CRM and ERP solutions that go beyond traditional platforms like Salesforce or NetSuite. We provide customized, dynamic, and scalable solutions that cater specifically to industries such as legal, finance, sales, and healthcare. Not you? Don’t worry! We offer customized solutions, just contact us!
  • In Web3: Lunarspace offers unique turn-key solutions, with a dApp-suite that streamlines the activation and integration of various blockchain utilities, making these advanced tools accessible to non-specialist users and enterprises seeking to explore and adopt useful blockchain functionalities.

The Zones Ecosystem: Dynamic Business Solutions

Lunarspace isn’t just enhancing existing digital workspace functionalities; we’re revolutionizing the digital approach to business solutions and software-as-a-service. Our product-suite, a robust ecosystem of digital workspace solutions — Enterprise Zones, Zones, and dZones — cater to a diverse range of business needs, universally leveraging blockchain for enhanced security and operational efficiency:

  • Enterprise Zones: Tailored for industries requiring robust ERP solutions, Enterprise Zones can be custom-built from scratch or integrated seamlessly with traditional systems.
  • Zones: Ideal for SMEs, Freelance Professionals, and Remote Teams, Zones provide dynamic CRM capabilities, facilitating better customer relationship management, team collaboration, and project handling.
  • dZones: As a gateway to blockchain utilities, dZones offer turn-key solutions for businesses to activate and leverage blockchain protocols effortlessly, enhancing operational efficiency and data security without extensive infrastructure changes.
Zones Ecosystem | Product-Suite

Feature-Rich Business Solutions

The Zones Ecosystem boasts a dynamic and robust feature-set designed for multi-faceted business operations such as:

  • Industry-Specific Solutions: We provide custom process solutions to law firms, financial agencies, healthcare providers, and more.
  • Custom Enterprise and SME Solutions: Advanced CRM, ERP, and project management tools are designed to streamline operations, enhance team collaboration, and boost overall efficiency.
  • Full-Service Infor CRM Implementation: Lunarspace has enjoyed being a solutions partner for industry leading CRM technologies, building on industry leading technology for over ten years.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect third-party tools like Microsoft Office 365 or HubSpot to your Zone to compile workflows into your own personalized digital workspace.

Solutions, Enhanced by Blockchain

The Zones Ecosystem is pioneering the integration of decentralized business solutions and blockchain technology into conventional CRM and ERP solutions in a variety of strategic ways.

Turn-Key Solutions

Easily activate cross-chain features like decentralized storage with Jackal Protocol and aggregated validator dashboards, or explore Archway developer tooling through DevZones and Area52. Use blockchain tools as you need them with a simple token activation.

Blockchain Security

From token-gated security enhancing data privacy to decentralized storage solutions with Jackal, we ensure that our clients enjoy the highest standards of security and operational efficiency when handling sensitive data.

User Engagement Incentives

Zones’ native reward system, the Work-to-Earn Protocol, utilizes LSX and HAMP tokens within Zones to motivate and reward users for their contributions to their workspace, fostering a more engaged and productive workforce.

Efficiency Enhancements

Supercharge your Zone with the Effector Protocol and native Effector (LSE) tokens. These multi-purpose utility tokens can be used to augment the Work-to-Earn Protocol, boosting operational efficiency and broadening the scope of blockchain utility within the workspace.

Decentralized Digital Treasury

LSX tokens are locked and bonded in the Zone’s LSX Vault upon network onboarding. This Vault serves as a secure digital asset treasury that powers the Work-to-Earn Protocol, provides user KPMs for workforce leadership, and generates a steady APR over time.

Custom DAOs and Community Management

Engage in team-driven decision-making with simplified ‘create-your-own DAO’ functionality, where Zone leadership can create feedback mechanisms and incentives to empower their teams and communities to enact meaningful change for their operational strategies.

More Than Just Solutions

Lunarspace is strategically positioned to address multiple critical pain points that plague both traditional enterprise and SME digital workspaces, while simultaneously driving the adoption of blockchain utilities. Here’s how the Zones Ecosystem solves these challenges:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Traditional systems often come with high costs and complex pricing models. Zones simplify this with a transparent, value-driven pricing model that reduces total cost of ownership.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Many ERP and CRM systems are difficult to use and underutilized. Zones streamline operations with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and automation, enhancing productivity.
  3. Data Security and Privacy: As data breaches become more common, secure data handling is critical. Zones enhance security with blockchain-backed features like token-gated access and decentralized storage.
  4. Engagement and Retention: Traditional platforms lack mechanisms to actively engage users. Zones introduce gamified elements and incentives, such as token-based rewards, to boost user engagement and satisfaction.

By offering these solutions, Lunarspace not only resolves existing issues with ERP and CRM systems but also pioneers the integration of blockchain technologies into mainstream business practices, ensuring that enterprises and SMEs are well-equipped for both current and future challenges. This dual approach not only enhances the operational capabilities of businesses but also introduces them to the potential of blockchain, creating a smoother transition to decentralized technologies.

Strategic Partnerships

Our longstanding presence providing custom solutions to web2 enterprises is backed by our partnerships with industry leaders like Infor Technology, SimpleSoft Solutions, and leading Interchain networks such as Coreum, Archway, Jackal Protocol, and Astrovault. These collaborations enable us to provide our clients with cutting-edge features like unlocked revenue streams, enhanced security protocols, and robust data management tools.

Web3 Partners

Lunarspace has forged partnerships with leading blockchain platforms to enhance our product-suite of solutions:

  • Coreum: Powers Zones’ internal token economy, the Work-to-Earn Protocol, Internal Zone Governance, and multi-factor authorization using soulbound tokens.
  • Archway: Provides foundational blockchain infrastructure for dZones and powering the dApp-suite functionalities.
  • Jackal Protocol: Integrates decentralized storage solutions throughout the Zones Ecosystem, enhancing our DePIN offerings.
  • Astrovault DEX: Facilitates liquidity and DeFi within the Zones Ecosystem and beyond, expanding the utility of the LSE and LSX tokens.

Join the Digital Workspace Revolution

Lunarspace is not just pioneering the next generation of ERP and CRM solutions, we’re actively shaping an ecosystem where businesses can thrive on innovation and security. By adopting our Web 2.5 solutions, businesses are not only prepared to meet today’s challenges but are also primed to take advantage of modern opportunities.

We’re building a future where digital workspaces are more than just mundane work platforms — rather, ecosystems where productivity, security, and innovation thrive. Join us in the blockchain utility revolution! Embark on your journey with Lunarspace — where every task is an opportunity to innovate, and every innovation leads to growth!

Learn more about Lunarspace and the solutions we provide by visiting our website.

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