Effector Protocol Litepaper — LSE Multi-Purpose Utility Tokens

Exploring the multi-faceted utilities of the Effector Protocol and community-driven tokenomics of LSE tokens.

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The Effector Protocol and its native token, Effector (LSE), bring versatile and innovative utility to the Zones ecosystem. By activating LSE tokens from dZones, Zones can enhance their operations, participate in ecosystem governance, and engage in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities, making LSE a multi-purpose tool that adapts to evolving needs and opportunities.

But it can do much more than that.

LSE Whitepaper → Effector Protocol v.1

Effector Protocol & LSE Tokens

The Effector Protocol and LSE tokens bring unprecedented utility and efficiency to the Zones ecosystem, powered by Archway. By integrating LSE, users can enhance their business operations, participate in decentralized governance, and engage in advanced DeFi activities, fostering a dynamic and interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

Flexible Utilities

  1. Enhancing Zone Efficiency: Bond LSE to a Zone’s LSX Vault to boost HAMP rewards and maximize LSX yield.
  2. Revenue Sharing: Stake LSE tokens to receive a portion of the ecosystem’s revenue.
  3. Governance Participation: Influence decision-making processes within the Zones ecosystem through voting.
  4. Market Dynamics and Liquidity Provision: Engage in market-making and cross-chain liquidity provisioning to sustain the Zones token economy.
  5. IBC Interactivity: With dZones, LSE facilitates dynamic interactions with Astrovault DEX and other blockchain utilities, enhancing liquidity and DeFi strategies for users and holders.

Enhancing Zone Efficiency (for Zone owners)

  • Boosting LSX APR and HAMP Rewards: Staking LSE within dZones increases LSX APR and amplifies HAMP rewards.
  • Priority LSX Minting: LSE holders gain expedited processing for LSX minting requests.
  • Bonding LSE: Enhance HAMP generation, increase Zone APR, and boost LSX redemptions and minting caps.

Consistent Incentive Mechanisms (for everyone)

  • Shared Revenue: 8% of revenue earned from Zones is periodically rewarded to LSE holders who stake their tokens.
  • Governance: 2% of revenue earned from Zones is delegated to Zones who participate in ecosystem-wide governance.
  • Arbitrage: By pairing LSE with LSX, token holders can take advantage of steady arbitrage opportunities.

LSE Tokenomics

Lunarspace is committed to providing Effector (LSE) tokens to the community in a growth-centric fashion. Holding 0% for the team, we’ve designed LSE to provide specific utility to foster sustainable growth for the ecosystem.

Growth-Centric Allocation

  • Outbid: 32% of the total supply is allocated to Astrovault DEX for the token genesis event (TGE).
  • Community Treasury: 28% of the total supply is allocated to the community treasury to decide their immediate allocation post-TGE.

*clarification: Initially, the community treasury will be ran by the Lunarspace DAO, lead by our Founders Zones (FBZs) and strategic partners. This allocation is designed to be flexible to the direct needs of the protocol or ecosystem, governed collectively by active community members.*

  • Web2 Client Accelerator: 10% of the total supply is held for future allocation to web2 clients looking to begin their DeFi journey using Zones and dZones.
  • Future Grants: 18% of the total supply is held for future allocation to grant innovative Zones who build tools to provide to the ecosystem.
  • Pool Liquidity: 6% of the total supply is utilized to facilitate instant DeFi strategies on Astrovault.
  • LP Incentives: 6% of the total supply is being utilized to reward liquidity providers.
  • The Team: 0% of the initial supply will be held by individuals in the team. Our team benefits from monthly fee generated revenue and we can’t complete our mission without 100% effort from the community.

Raising on Outbid

Join us in revolutionizing digital workspaces with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Participate in the LSE token-launch on Outbid on May 15th at 2pm UTC. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the next generation of decentralized finance and digital workspace solutions.

32% of the total supply is in the hands of the people.

$750k FDV.

5-month maximum vesting period.

Is it May 15th yet? If so: BID NOW

Rewind! Quick Context — Zones & LSX

To fully understand the robust functionality of the Effector Protocol, you may want to familiarize yourself with the Zones Ecosystem and the Work-to-Earn Protocol.

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