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Supercharging business and personal operations with streamlined access to blockchain functionality.

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6 min readMay 7, 2024

Turn-key Blockchain Solutions

As we continue take business operations to the next level, we’re thrilled to embark on the the next leg of our journey; streamlining accessibility to product-driven blockchain utility for everybody, not just businesses.
Enter dZones.

dZonesthe Interchain dApp-Suite

dZones serve as a portal to utilizing blockchain functionality. As the decentralized interface for the Zones Ecosystem, this innovative dApp-suite provides businesses and individuals with seamless access to features and utilities from various cross-chain protocols.

Accessibility for Businesses

dZones feature dynamic blockchain solutions primed for enhancing operations across various industries, but they’re meticulously designed to present an intuitive user experience for professionals who aren’t necessarily familiar with the complex nature of certain blockchain functionality. dZones abstracts the complexities and presents these tools as easy-to-use, everyday products that supercharge business operations under the hood.

Streamlined Blockchain Utility

You don’t need business solutions to find use for dZones. Think of dZones as the Interchain utility hub, where consumer-driven protocols, dApps, and utilities are streamlined directly into the hands of everyday businesses, professionals, community members, and blockchain enthusiasts.

Universal Features

dZones provides inherent blockchain utility and infrastructure at the base-level. Activation is just a few LSE tokens away.

Community Growth Through Custom DAOs

Empower your community within dZones by creating your own DAO functionality. Coupled with privacy-enhancing soulbound tokens, this feature allows Zone owners to expand their communities by offering governance participation and access to exclusive blockchain utilities activated within their Zones.

Aggregated Validator Dashboards

A key feature in all dZones are dynamic validator network dashboards that offer comprehensive analytics, aggregated across supported chains like Coreum, Archway, and Jackal. Strangely new to Web3 and liquidity management tooling, these wallet-specific dashboards provide invaluable insights for strategic decision-making, enhanced network contributions, and deploy consistent dApp-chain utility for all types of potential users.

Decentralized Storage — Powered by Jackal

Integrated directly into dZones, Jackal Protocol’s decentralized cloud storage solutions called ‘Outposts’ secure and enhance the entire Zones Ecosystem. This turn-key feature not only ensures data integrity and enhances privacy, it positions dZones as a vital DePIN tool for any individual or organization looking for secure, reliable data handling capabilities, particularly useful in sectors like healthcare, legal, and financial lending.

The Importance of Decentralized Storage in Businesses

Jackal Protocol’s decentralized storage is a crucial utility for both Enterprise and Professional clients within the Zones Ecosystem. It serves as a robust, secure alternative to traditional cloud storage solutions, ensuring data integrity and enhancing privacy. For enterprises dealing with sensitive information — such as in healthcare, legal, or financial sectors — Jackal provides an immutable storage solution that greatly mitigates risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access.

Abiding by the Decentralized Ethos of Blockchain

This turn-key utility is equally valuable for individual users or blockchain enthusiasts, offering a dependable and secure way to store data without reliance on centralized entities. Its integration into dZones allows users to easily activate and manage their storage needs, aligning with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to maintain full control and sovereignty over their digital assets.

Utilizing Effector (LSE) Tokens

Effector tokens play a pivotal role in dZones, offering diverse applications that extend beyond enhancing our business solutions. LSE tokens facilitate DeFi activities for Zones and dZones on platforms like Astrovault DEX, where LSE holders can contribute to liquidity pools, participate in arbitrage opportunities, and engage in a range of financial services. This not only enhances the liquidity and market dynamics within the Zones Ecosystem but also offers token holders various ways to incentivize engagement with dZones and maximize potential returns.

Deriving Value from DeFi and TradFi Mechanisms

Whether for speculative purposes or active ecosystem participation, LSE tokens enable users to access and influence the financial strategies that drive the DeFi and derive value from TradFi, making them a valuable asset for anyone involved in the broader blockchain community.

Effector Protocol — Supercharged Business Solutions

The Effector Protocol is activated by Zones that use LSE tokens to integrate the dZones interface into their existing enterprise or professional solutions platform. dZones can be used to deploy the Effector Protocol directly into a Zone’s Work-to-Earn Protocol to boost and enhance the internal token economy and reward mechanisms.

  • Enhancing Zone Rewards: By injecting LSE into their Zone’s LSX Vault, Zone owners can boost LSX and HAMP generation, increasing rewards and improving the operational efficiency within their Zone.
  • Operational Efficiency: Activating additional features and capabilities with LSE tokens streamlines operations and enhances productivity, leveraging the Effector Protocol to supercharge internal processes.

LSE / LSX Token Pairing

Pairing LSE with LSX presents a unique opportunity for investors looking for stability and potential gains. This pairing benefits directly from the business activities within the Zones Ecosystem — as businesses work in Zones, they generate rewards and revenue with a portion allocated to this token pool. This creates a stable backing for the tokens, making this pool an attractive option for those wanting to participate in providing liquidity in a pool with a solid revenue model targeting real-world business activities. Additionally, it allows participants to benefit from enhancements and rewards within the Zones Ecosystem, providing both stability and growth potential.

Shared Revenue from the Zones Ecosystem

A unique aspect of LSE is its integration into the ecosystem’s revenue-sharing model, with 10% percent of all fee-generated revenue coming from the Zones Ecosystem allocated to the community. 8% is directed towards LSE liquidity providers as a reward for their investment and support of the ecosystem while the other 2% is allocated to enhance governance and voting incentives, aligning the interests of LSE holders with the long-term success and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Built on Archway

Archway provides the ideal platform for dZones due to its developer-friendly environment and robust infrastructure tailored for dApp-chain Utility. Our compatibility enhances dZones’ ability to offer a wide spectrum of Interchain utilities, seamlessly integrating with our vision of making blockchain technology accessible and functional for anybody — professionals and blockchain enthusiasts.

Benefits to Lunarspace’s Solutions

Lunarspace’s partnership with Archway not only leverages the network’s efficient developer tooling and superior UX/UI, but also optimizes the utility of LSE tokens, facilitating innovative solutions like the Effector Protocol and ensuring a smooth, scalable deployment of blockchain functionalities within the Zones Ecosystem.

DevZones Initiative — Onboarding Web2 Developers

Designed to incentivize novice Rust and CosmWasm developers to build dApp-chain Utility on Archway, DevZones mixes turn-key blockchain utility from dZones with comprehensive project and team management tools from Zones. Accessible through dZones, DevZones empower a joint initiative between Lunarspace and Archway, dedicated to easing the transition for Web2 developers beginning their Web3 development journey on dZones, powered by Archway.

dZones Launching Soon

dZones is Lunarspace’s beta product and is primed to be the first solution we offer to public. After LSE launches on Outbid, dZones will soon follow.

Get $LSE on Outbid — May 15th

Join us on May 15th as we herald in the next generation of dApp-chain utility. Participate in setting the stage for a new era of digital interaction and community-driven growth. Step into the future with Lunarspace — where blockchain utility meets efficiency and accessibility.

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